I'm a versatile and professional editor with more than 20 years experience.

As Senior Staff Editor at Oscar-winning production company Framestore for many years I edited a hugely diverse range of material, from short form award-winning commercials, to medium form animated TV series, to long form content for Theme Park Rides and independent films, as well as countless company reels and marketing campaigns.

In addition to traditional editing, I'm highly proficient at concepting, ideation and creative development having edited many animatics, boardamatics and pre-viz such on numerous projects such as the cartoon television series Tooned. Because of this, I can see a project through from first conception to final delivery. 

Due to my long term association with Framestore, who are giants in the visual effects industry, I am highly experienced at handling complicated work flows involving VFX shots in various stages of development across a long running project such as I did on the Jurassic World project for Universal. I also have years of experience in reliably integrating with other parts of the post-production process such as sound mixes, color grades etc..

Highly skilled in both Avid and Premiere, I am used to leading an edit team. I've worked with a wide range of directors and producers, such as award-winning directors Murray Butler, Chris Waitt and Mike McGee. I am skilled and experienced at managing client feedback and since the pandemic have become extremely adept at working remotely, running live edit sessions with clients around the world on a regular basis.